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All Businesses have documentation and files that need to be stored, either for legal reasons , such as accounts, or long term clients records and information.

These have to be stored somewhere safe, secure and be easy to find.

We have the solution to both these situations. Saving you space, money and time and giving you back control of you valuable office space, your documents and the peace of mind of professional control and security of the heart of your business.

1st Access Services

Small Companies

Small companies often get swamped with boxes and filling cabinets that are left untouched for months or years. These clutter the office taking up valuable office space, attics, garages and spare rooms.

Large Companies

Larger companies have different needs, thousands of files that consume vast amounts of space, they need accurate control and quick access. Often the solution is dedicated storage areas and staff, with all the expenses that these entail

Save space, increase security and make your records easy to manage.